US House Wants No More Climate Information

via ThinkProgress

“I’m very concerned that NOAA has taken steps to form what amounts to a shadow climate service operation,” House science committee chair Ralph Hall (R-TX) cried in September. At a hearing in June, Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) blasted the budget-neutral plan to consolidate NOAA’s existing, widely dispersed, climate capabilities under a single management structure as “propaganda services.” In the committee report submitted by appropriations chair Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) for the 2012 budget, the National Climate Service is expressly forbidden:

It’s not clear from Think Progress where the extra billion was supposed to go, but the article claims that the proposed climate service is a zero-cost reorganization. Of course, if you honestly think it’s all a hoax, I suppose you are doing the right thing by preventing us hoaxsters from improving our organizational efficiency… Very sad.

See also this piece at MediaMatters.

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