The Anti-Lorax

The Wikipedia article on “Lorax” points to this amazing (subtly confused and deeply misleading but surprisingly talented) retort [PDF].


  1. "Deeply misleading" is closer to the truth than "subtly confused." It's pure industry propaganda with all of it's misinformation and deception done up in a Seuss style. Not surprising since it was funded by the "National Wood Flooring Manufacturers' Association (NOFMA)"

  2. The flaws in the arguments are well-hidden, just as in other denialist arguments. Also, I think it quite likely that the Seussoid was sincere.

    I am confident that the manuscript went looking for a sponsor rather than the other way around. It's hard to believe that it came from anyone other than a well-intentioned backwoods lumbering family that had had some troubles coping with the Lorax book.

    I'm not saying you should believe this or pass it on. I'm saying you should understand where it comes from and why our task is so difficult.

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