Slow Motion Suicide

David Roberts and Michael Mann interviewed by


  1. I guess the interview you are talking about is the one featured here:

    What gets me about it is that the scientists like Michael Mann are still not getting angry despite death threats on their families. When are they going to show some bottle and naked belief in their cause in the same way as the deniers?

    Moreover, they are still not telling the whole truth. We will have to make big cuts in our standard of living. We won't have to live in caves but we will have to go back to conditions more like those of the 19th century, rather than continue on an ever increasing growth trajectory.

    And they did not point out that the Hockey Stick is now old hat with many new results having been published since the late nineties. However we cannot be sure that the MWP was cooler than today. A little bit of truth might raise people's faith in the science.

    It probably doesn't matter because I still think that the USA signed the death warrant for civilisation when they re-elected GWB 🙁

    Cheers, Alastair.

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