Demand for Financial Statements from Naysayer Think Tank

Via the Guardian:

Leading climate scientists have given their support to a Freedom of Information request seeking to disclose who is funding the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a London-based climate sceptic thinktank chaired by the former Conservative chancellor Lord Lawson.

In 2010, Lawson said: “Proper scientists, scientists of integrity, they reveal, and voluntarily they wish to reveal, all their data and all their methods; they do not need a Freedom of Information Act request to force it out of them.” He later added: “Integrity means you show everything, absolutely.” His reluctance to reveal the identity of the GWPF’s donors has led him to be accused of double standards, a point Montague says he intends to make at the tribunal on Friday.


  1. IS this a good thing? Yes it would be interesting to find out who is funding the Global Warming Policy Foundation. But I doubt we will be surprised by the answer.

    Plus expect denialists to draw false equivalences between this and the CRU FOIA mess, and other attempts to get at scientists emails. They aren't really the same thing, but it would be easy for less-than-honest people to spin it as such.

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