Mexico Taking Action on Climate

Mexico’s Congress is likely to pass a vigorous climate change law this spring.

The “General Law on Climate Change” has already made successful inroads in Congress, having passed Mexico’s Senate with an overwhelming majority in early December. This spring, the Senate-approved version of the bill is anticipated to be considered in Mexico’s lower house, the Chamber of Deputies.

The bill’s language states its intention is to favor the transition towards a competitive, sustainable economy with low carbon emissions, consequently generating environmental, social, and economic benefits.

Mexico is still a net oil exporter, and probably has huge untapped resources amenable to fracking, so this is especially commendable. Now if only its NAFTA partners would follow suit.


  1. If you are suggesting that the purpose of free trade treaties is to prevent sovereign nations from protecting the environment, I have to admit that it is a concern I have had as well.

    It is very odd that the same people who advocate international trade organizations like the WTO are so vigilant and concerned about sinister international organizations that have some focus other than money reducing national sovereignty.

    That is, we already have international governance without world government. It's just selectively about protecting money and monied interests on money-oriented time scales. You'd think people who accept the WTO might be open to accepting other forms of global governance, but they seem oddly reluctant.

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