Some Improvement in Texas

Woo-Hoo! After a daily record rainfall last week, Austin’s drought is merely on the boundary between “severe” and “extreme”!


  1. Does the drought there motivate talk about climate change? If it does, I'm sort of hoping Austin gets more record rain and more drought in the near future. I have the notion, from far away, that AGW isn't on people's radar there.

  2. In Austin, yes. No doubt about it.

    But though I have come to appreciate a lot of Texas' eccentricities and charms, I have little real insight into the backwoods Protestant republican mentality that dominates so much of the state, and little contact with it. Though I have more sympathy for it than most actual yankees, it's pretty alien to me. You're better off asking some other Canadian, like Kathy Hayhoe who is doing the full immersion experience.

    But also, I have come to understand the saying "Texas has no climate, just weather". Each year is different from the last. It's hard to have climate change when you barely have any climate at all. Pretty much all you can say is it's more likely to be hot than cold. Anything else, anything, is possible. So there's a sort of wry stoicism about the weather that is just part of the fabric of the place. It's hard for one bad year to rock that particular boat.

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