Doonesbury on Denial

See the rest here; Doonesbury is running a series on “myFACTS” this week.


  1. I'm sure that myFACTS is an equal-opportunity misinformer. Here's a recent Texas-flavoured blog from Al Gore's Climate Reality project that myFACTS can use the next time a caller wants to alarm his wife with woo:

    Its sources? A jokey blog and an almost comically misrepresented press release from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

    [ Vinny, Vinny, Vinny Veedee Veechee, is that really the worst you can come up with? A blog piece about sports medicine? I saw nothing "jokey" about the first piece other than the usual Texas good humor when faced with troubles. And I didn't see what was so badly misrepresented about the UCS press release. I'm not surprised that southern kids die of the heat in football practice, and I'm pretty sure it was a bigger issue this last summer than usually. So you don't even have a molehill here, as far as I can see. ]

  2. I'm sure you know that there's much worse than that out there, MT. That one, though, is recent and seemed vaguely relevant, it having a Texan angle, and all.

    [ There is considerably worse, but in terms both of quantity and influence it's negligible in comparison with the misrepresentations of people who are convinced the sensitivity is near zero, despite having essentially no evidence in their favor. But 1) that isn't the example you chose and 2) while I disagree with the Gore camp's emphasis on many occasions, it matters if they are drastically wrong. That seems quote rare, and I still take the present example to be entirely innocent. ]

    Climate Reality's coverage of the UCS press release is comical because it cuts obesity out of the equation.

    [ How is that comical? If you want to assert a factor exists in a brief article, it is not uncommon or unreasonable to leave out discussion of other factors. The article says "Some of the findings from his research are truly frightening" and therefore is reasonably explicit about leaving out others. You may disagree with this elision, but it isn't comical or even obviously inappropriate. The team which chooses skinny linemen, after all, will be at a competitive disadvantage, as any red-blooded American will know well enough. -mt ]

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