Fred Moolten’s Offer to Wojick

Fred Moolten comments at Curry’s:

In the first place, I want to congratulate our own David Wojick for acquiring a $100,000 per year contract from Heartland for developing climate science teaching modules. David – your stated goal is to develop content that is accurate, objective, and free from propagandizing. It’s a commendable goal and deserves to be accomplished.

As you know, this has been a subject of some interest to me. I have been giving climate change talks – to the general public, to college audiences, to science teachers, and also to high school students, and so I’ve gained some experience in working toward your goals.

I wonder whether you would consider subcontracting to me some of the Heartland funding you will be earning so that I can generate teaching modules with the accuracy and objectivity that is needed. To fit adequate content into a 50-minute class is a difficult challenge that I’ve begun to address. It’s necessary to describe the nature of the climate system, the “greenhouse” warming effect of CO2, the role of other climate variables, natural and anthropogenic, and potential impacts on sea level, temperature variation and extremes, precipitation variation and extremes, agricultural productivity, human health, biodiversity and species extinction rates. The potential importance of ocean acidification must also be mentioned, and uncertainties regarding the magnitude and pace of all impacts should be acknowledged. Finally, it will be important to emphasize that decisions on how to address climate change consequences are sociopolitical and outside the realm of science. To date, my efforts in this area have been well received by students and teachers.

Given my experience, I expect that I may be able to help in creating objective and accurate content appropriate to classroom teaching at the high school or middle school level. If you are interested, I’ll be happy to work out further details with you in furthering this worthwhile endeavor. It’s hard to think of anything more needed in these contentious times than accuracy and objectivity in addressing climate change issues.

Fred seems a reasonable sort, but his expertise seems to be in songwriting. Perhaps we should all compete for Heartland’s education funds.

h/t Neverending Audit

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