Dang! Shrimp Farming Kills Mangroves

Been eating a lot of cheap shrimp.

Appears this is a bad idea. A surprisingly bad idea. Shrimp farming kills mangroves, releasing carbon and exacerbating coastal problems, and is not just as destructive per food unit than beef, but according to this new study at least, much more so.

Can I get away with convincing myself that Gulf shrimp are exempt? (I think Gulf shrimp are depressed in value because people still think the entire Gulf is permeated with BP oil.) But I suppose that cheap shrimp are more or less fungible.


Can anyone confirm (or preferably, refute, please, please) this story?



  1. Hi there
    Shrimp farming has been harming mangrove forests for decades, but not all shrimp farming is done in mangrove areas and there are many different ways to farm a shrimp.

    Check out "The dark history and uncertain future of edible pink gold", a blog post I wrote last year about my own experiences of doing research on the environmental and social impacts of shrimp farming, and a link to the 2011 video that Pace University students made about how shrimp farming might be done better.


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