Germany’s Renunciation of Nukes: Year 1

Jürgen Hubert  on a public posting on G+ notes:

Remember when Germany had to suffer through rolling blackouts through the winter because the government decided to turn off seven nuclear power plants after Fukushima?

Oh, wait – that didn’t happen.

Instead [Germany] kept on exporting … excess electricity to France to make up for the shortages from their nuclear power plants.

Last year, Germany derived 20% of its electricity from regenerative sources. Let’s see how high we can get this year…


  1. Not entirely fair - the warning was about 2020.

    I've always been inclined to anything that doesn't release net carbon. I think the question of whether renewables suffice is interesting. I've never seen a convincing argument either way.

    It's conventional wisdom that renewables do not suffice, but where does that come from?

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