Rich Crackpot Mischief, Left Version

Money misrepresenting science and distorting politics may be surprisingly pervasive. It can victimize well-meaning people on the left as well as on the right.

Rich people with a cause cannot seem to resist inflicting their world views on California politics, no matter if they are levelheaded or wacky, and no matter where they reside.

It’s generally not a good thing for those of us who do live here.

Joseph Mercola is the latest guy seeking to improve the Golden State. Mercola is an osteopath who lives in suburban Chicago and runs a website… which promotes his alternative, though generally unproven, health-related products and ideas.

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  1. To elaborate, consider this:

    I used to think of anti-vax as the climate denial of the NPR set, but it looks more complicated than that.

  2. And another thing!

    Mercola may be a crank, but the editorial uses him as a device for guilt by association. It also misrepresents the point of defining "processed" and "natural":

    §110809 Disclosure With Respect to Genetic Engineering of Food

    (a) Commencing on July 1, 2014, any food offered for retail sale in California is misbranded if it is or may have been entirely or partially produced with genetic engineering and that fact is not disclosed-- (i) In the case of a raw agricultural commodity on the package offered for retail sale, with the clear and conspicuous words “Genetically
    Engineered” on the front of the package of such commodity or in the case of any such commodity that is not separately packaged or labeled, on a label appearing on the retail store shelf or bin in which such commodity is displayed for sale;
    (ii) In the case of any processed food, in clear and conspicuous language on the front or back of the package of such food, with the words “Partially Produced with Genetic Engineering” or “May be Partially Produced with Genetic Engineering”.


    §110809.1 Misbranding of Genetically Engineered Foods as “Natural”
    In addition to any disclosure required by subdivisions 110809, if a food meets any of the definitions in section 110808(c) or (d), and is not otherwise exempted from labeling under section 110809.2, the food may not in California, on its label, accompanying signage in a retail establishment, or in any advertising or promotional materials, state or imply that the food is “natural” “naturally made”, “naturally grown”, “all natural” or any words of similar import that would have any tendency to mislead any consumer.

    [end quote]

    I agree that the health risks are overblown, but for such a rational cause there's an awful lot of disingenuousness.

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