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Ocean Acidification to Hit 300 MIllion Year Record (WIRED) (Columbia)

Was Breitbart a Good Person? (Coates at The Atlantic)

Nielsen-Gammon on Fakegate

Another weird case in which the predictably loony “The Imaginative Conservative” has a pretty excellent quote

NASA has some nice graphics on the decline of perennial Arctic sea ice

David Archer’s Intro to Climate Change is offered as open courseware by the University of Chicago.

Jeremy Grantham on resource constraints by Henry Blodget. (h/t Bob Fischer)



  1. Thank you for the link to our site. We at the "predictably loony" Imaginative Conservative are concerned with the stewardship of the earth's beauty and resources. We hope that future generations may enjoy the fruits of sustainable development while benefitting from the efforts of those who understand that we should not abuse the gift of a Creator who bestowed upon us a bountiful planet.

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