Quick Links March 10

General Motors reconsiders funding Heartland under pressure from activists and consumers.

Chris Colose takes on the old red herring about how climatologists can make projections about 100 years from now while meteorological prediction is only useful 1-2 weeks in advance.

Christine MacDonald has a nice piece about climate change and freak weather that hits the nail on the head.

A very quick introduction to meteorology, and how to read weather maps.

Increasing uncertainty of agricultural yields under climate change: Urban et al.

Another aquatic species in decline because it tastes good.

Tamino vs Jeff Condon in a series of pieces linked here; what is especially interesting to me is the implicit answer to the question “how to determine the statistical significance of a trend”. I still cannot find a useful tutorial on the subject. This has bothered me ever since Phil Jones made his arguably correct but argumentatively silly “no significant warming” comment.

Speaking of which, linguistic researchers examine the difference between what is said and what is meant.


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