Links du Jour 17 March 2012

Massive North American heat anomaly continues

Early spring drives butterfly population declines

Unforced monsoon variability and its impact on Indian prehistory

CO2 sequestration in basalt tried in Iceland; net EROEI an issue, not specifically addressed in the article.

New ecological data shows a large group of macroinvertebrates threatened by mountain glacier decline.

Mountain pine beetles are benefiting from climate change. Mountain pines, consequently, are not. A new study suggests that some beetles living in Colorado, which normally reproduce just once annually, now churn out an extra generation of new bugs each year.

Big Australian climate change report out; tries to put two wet years and the preceding Big Dry into the same context. But do we even know what is happening? Isn’t it just the case that regional changes will be large and non-monotonic as we keep rattling the system?



  1. I just read the article on the heat wave at climate central. There is only one comment there, and the source the writer uses is Tallbloke, who you are probably familiar with.

    maybe someone smarter than me would like to go rebutt the comment

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