Heartland Responds to Rep. Markey

From the Excellent Brian Angliss in the equally excellent Scholars and Rogues:

Heartland Institute have responded to Representative Markey

Poor Joe Bast plaintively whines Is an effort to create a curriculum that isn’t alarmist or overtly political” the same thing as “denialism” or being “anti-climate”?

My answer to Joe is, “who’s askin’?”

More links

Algae fever:

In polar regions, landfills in permafrost areas are failing:

Willard is back in form. No not that Willard, this one:

Joe vs Keith. I hate this hobby these guys have and yet I love it. Sorry Keith, as you can guess, I’m on Joe’s side this time:

Republicans’ energy policy is entirely coherent. Coherent with short term profits of the energy industry, that is. Another kick-butt piece at Think Progress:

Should professional organizations call out credentialed scientists for misrepresenting the state of scientific consensus?

Why the internet may save our sorry asses in spite of everything:


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