Links du Jour 29 Mars 2012

The gap between meteorologists and climatologists has been vast, but increasingly the best ones are admitting that something is already amiss. Prominent meteorologist Paul Douglas takes the plunge.

My fellow climate geeks will appreciate this paragraph:

“You’re obsessing,” my wife of 28 years complained recently. “People don’t like having this rammed down their throats.” Fair enough. I’m genuinely concerned, because I’m in touch with America’s leading climate scientists. They are beyond concerned; bordering on apoplectic. We fiddle while Rome burns.

Mike Mann has a tight, well-written op-ed at CNN on his unexpected casting as a master conspirator:

At P3, Bart Verheggen muses on some of the communication difficulties we have:

I am still working on an answer for +Ian Bicking about the relationship between recent events and climate disruption, but meanwhile there are articles by Kevin Trenberth (mirrored at P3):
and by Coumou and Rahmstorf:


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