Peak Phosphorus

Not much good introductory material exists in English on this aspect of the sustainability problem for some reason. This subtitled Norwegian video is a bit, er, explicit in places, but seems to tell the story.


  1. The professor's toilet looks like a civilization joke.

    The simplest technology to preserve phosphorus is the compost toilet. It neither needs fusion energy nor wastes drinking water. All you need is a compost heap with a good population of earthworms (e.g. eisenia fetida), a bucket, and organic material (e.g. saw dust, grass clippings, humus) to cover the excrements. No smell there. For a carbon negative toilet, collect urine seperately, mix with char coal, and after 2 months of anaerobic fermentation mix into the compost. Perhaps requires some skill to avoid smell.

    Rumors say human manure is a booming business in North Korea.

    "Who uses a compost toilet does not fear death, for our shit enables our rebirth" -- Friedensreich Hundertwasser

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