Sully Weighs in on Heartland Shark-Jump

P3 role model Andrew Sullivan has weighed in on the insane Heartland Institute campaign “against” global warming.

He says “in some ways, this is an almost perfect illustration of what has happened to the right.”


  1. As I argued,

    Speaking of trust networks, perhaps the problem isn't so much the breakdown in the existing networks. Perhaps the problem's more about the formation of new, resilient networks centred around charismatic individuals -- and increasingly becoming distanced from reality and common decency.

    In a way, this sort of nonsense is no longer surprising, and it's not limited to the right. Witness Democratic supporters' attempts to discredit Ron Paul because of some vague _association_ (oh noes!) with some racist publication.

    And the problem underlying all these symptoms? It's this:

    _America has become an Empire of Motivated Reasoning._

    Anything and everything is to be twisted to serve the purpose of glorifying the mythical heroes of "our camp", and there's no time for such pesky things as "the rule of law" or "common decency" or "logic and evidence".

    -- frank

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