Climate Action Tracker

The graph above was released by the ambitiously-named Climate Action Tracker group

The planet is heading to a temperature rise of at least 3.5 degC, but that could be even more if the 2020 pledges are not met. …

“Most of the policies we have analyzed are not yet concrete enough to be quantified, not yet implemented and/or not yet sufficiently ambitious to ensure countries achieve their pledge. This is a worrying trend,” said Dr Niklas Höhne, Director of Energy and Climate Policy at Ecofys.

They have a 10-page white paper looking at several important countries here[pdf].

Via Google News and Business Week.


  1. Blogged this, cheers. Urgh. Summary: we're going to run the experiment, and I don't think climate skeptics/deniers can be blamed.

    p.s MT, apols for lack of comment on econ control, I'm half-way through draft.

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