Only In It for the Gold?

John Timmer in Ars Technica takes on the corruption of climate science by money argument.

One of the unfortunate memes that has made repeated appearances in the climate debate is that money isn’t just influencing the public debate about science, but influencing the science itself. The government, the argument goes, is paying scientists specifically to demonstrate that carbon dioxide is the major culprit in recent climate change, and the money available to do so is exploding.

Although the argument displays a profound misunderstanding of how science and science funding work, it’s just not going away.

Anyway, funding has been flat for a long time. This may be as it should be – it’s not clear that there are any great breakthroughs on the horizon. (You could also say it’s not clear that there aren’t, but I think continuing slow progress is a better bet.) But as far as I know climate science is not a boomtown, and if it is I for one definitely haven’t got a ritzy downtown condo in that town.

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