Isle of Wight Festival Flood Chaos

This has been all over the British media this morning:

Music fans have been forced to sleep in their cars after traffic became gridlocked when rain turned the Isle of Wight Festival into a mudbath.

Heavy rain led to access problems at Seaclose Park, Newport, which meant thousands of people were forced to sleep in their cars overnight.

Police escorted some motorists stuck in traffic to Newport Football Club where shelter and refreshments were provided.

It’s hard to understand what exactly is going on from the reports. At least the linked article makes it clear that the problems are on the island. I found this bit thought-provoking:

Linda Dawson, from Ashurst, said she had been stuck in her car with her partner and three daughters aged 12, 13 and 16 since 18:00 BST on Thursday.

She said: “The two things I’m really annoyed about is this weather has been going on for weeks, so why were they not prepared for it? Second we weren’t told the full story in Portsmouth and could have turned back if we had known we would be in the car all night.

“Why did they let us get on the ferry when they knew there was nowhere for us to go?”

The trouble with disasters, natural, man-made, and this new kind, is that there are things that need doing and nobody whose responsibility it is to do them.

The Guardian (I haven’t been over here long enough to call it the Grauniad) has more.

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