Lake Michigan Soup

The latest really scary statistic comes from Lake Michigan, whose surface temperature at 80 F is absurdly warm for this time of year, at fifteen degrees above the climatological average and already flirting with the all-time high.

Jeff Masters found this plot:

Since 1981, comparable temperatures at 80 degrees F or above (with an all time high of 81) have been seen for a total of 34 hours, and never, previously, before July 21. Fortunately a cool front has passed through the upper midwest, so the spectacular rate of warming should be abating today.


  1. I recently had occasion to check out Lake Superior. If those lakes don't become toxic soon, it will be in spite of our inability to look facts straight in the face. I'm beginning to feel quite biblical about the corruption of wealth and power. Even quite civilized people seem unable to take their lake views without a dose of environmental destruction in the name of self-gratifying alterations in systems that work better without them.

    Doug Bostrom has a way with words: "startled jackrabbits" indeed!

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