June 2012 NOT Hottest June in US

June 2012 was 14th hottest June of the 118 years on record in the “lower 48”, certainly warm but not record-setting at the monthly time scale.

The only state to set a monthly record was Colorado which did have its hottest June on record. Washington and Oregon were abnormally cool.

map: NCDC

The widespread extraordinary record-breaking temperatures toward the end of the month, which produced an astonishing 170 all-time daily records (normally set in July or August), did not tip the monthly average into record territory. Nevertheless, 2012 remains on track to be the warmest calendar year on record in the contiguous US.


  1. OT linkdump. Another example of junk journalism feeding junk activism (feeding junk journalism feeding junk activism feeding ad infinitum). Reverse order.

    3. Al Gore excitedly announced yet more doom (in his own words for once; his blog is usually cut-and-pasted):


    2b. The Daily Mail promoted drought to extreme/severe drought:


    2a. Bloomberg got it (knowingly?) wrong:


    1. The USDA changed its rules:



    Well, there's a thing. Gore's blog was complete crap based on completely crappy journalism.

    I'm gonna vote Bush.

  2. OTOH, it was 4 more consecutive weeks of above-normal averages in a string that has now reached 31.
    What are the odds of that? Yeah, I know they're complicated:
    And it WAS the warmest on record for the entire Northern Hemisphere.

  3. I seem to recall some pretty sharp temp extremes with El Ninos, especially in 1998 (record El Nino with sharply higher global average temps). La Nina seems to be more associated with precip extremes, although that varies a lot by region, with California e.g. getting La Nina droughts and El Nino pluvials. But anyway, it would be easy to check on this using extreme temp statistics.

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