Standing up against bullies

Michael Mann continues to do everyone a great service by consistently not backing down when faced with constant harassment, threats and unending attempts to smear his reputation.

The latest is a particularly despicable short post at the National Review Online.

On Twitter Michael Mann has announced:

I have formally demanded retraction & apology for defamatory piece by #NationalReview. I have retained legal counsel: 

It would certainly be easier for Michael Mann to stay quiet and keep his head down. It would even be perfectly  understandable, yet he refuses to take the easy route. Instead he is standing up against the bullies and for that Michael Mann has my deepest respect and gratitude.


  1. I can't fault Mike Mann for his anger and frustration about being a victim of this mind-bogglingly facile and repulsive comparison. I hate to see lawyers involved but in this case it's hard to see what else can be done.

    But this is not the sort of thing we need to turn the conversation around to a more productive approach.

    By its nature litigation is polarizing. Sometimes you have to go to war, but you should never be happy about it.

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  5. We've been being tolerant and understanding for too long. Many liberal thinkers have a habit of putting themselves in other people's shoes, while many conservative thinkers just present a unified front and don't compromise. Continuous compromise leads to moving the goalposts ever farther away from what is true and necessary. We no longer have the luxury of tolerating bought-and-paid-for carpetbombing that is preventing appropriate thought and action.

    The litany of persecution towards Mike Mann makes it important for newsmakers to realize that suppressing the truth and attacking individuals might have consequences. Talk is just talk.

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