Incoming AMS President Takes on Bastardi (and, Implicitly, RPJr)

Joe Bastardi (not to be confused with Joe Bast) published a particularly egregious bit of denial at the USA Today newspaper and website.

A response from American Meteorological Society President-Elect J. Marshall Shepherd and Professor John Postel appeared today on the Washington Post website. (and in print?)

The recent IPCC report on extreme events and other peer-reviewed science present compelling evidence that the magnitude of heat waves, extreme coastal water levels, extreme precipitation events, and drought have increasing links to human-caused climate change.

This should also be taken as a response to Roger Pielke Jr.’s unwarranted whining. Roger, it is to be expected that evidence on such matters will emerge over time as the climate disruption increases and the period of record becomes longer. Null results of the past are not timeless.

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