Arctic Sea Ice At Low for Date, Dropping Fast

Arctic sea ice extent was marginally at a record low extent for the date as of August 1. This week’s big storm will likely keep Arctic sea ice at record low levels for the next week or two.


Jeff Masters’ Wunderblog:

A remarkably intense low pressure system formed in the Arctic north of Alaska Monday, bottoming out with a central pressure of 963 mb at 2 pm EDT. A pressure this low is rare any time of the year in the Arctic, and is exceptionally so in summer. The storm is stacked vertically with the upper-level low, and will spin in place and slowly weaken over the next few days, but remain unusually strong. Strong winds behind the low’s cold front caused a 1.3′ storm surge Monday inPrudhoe Bay, on Alaska’s north shore. As noted in Neven Acropolis’ sea ice blog, the strong winds around this low have the potential to cause a large loss of Arctic sea ice, due to churning, increased wave action, pushing of ice into warmer waters, and the mixing up of warmer waters from beneath the ice.

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