Mental Health for the End Times

Huffington Post has a set of emotional tips for people getting involved in climate. I didn’t expect much but I think it is rather good.

I myself recommend #4:

Spend some time with folks with other interests.┬áSome attorneys don’t like to have friends who are also attorneys. If you are nervous about climate change, definitely spend time with friends who have other pursuits, sports, music, art, whatever, also.

I’m horrified to find that I missed SciPy this year. It’s good to hang out with optimistic, productive, creative people. The Python community has been a great thing for me, even if I haven’t done that much for it. If you are an actual climatologist or climate activist, though, I recommend lying about your day job in this circle, at least for a while. Not because some people will turn against you, though that’s a risk of course. But because you’ll be a party pooper.

It’s hard to leave the planet behind sometimes. But you can’t help if you aren’t in some deeper sense happy and satisfied.



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