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Michael Tobis’ contribution to the Daily Kos Climate Change SOS:

The only game in town is the Last Ton game, where the lower the amount of fossil fuels burnt before the last ton is burnt, the better the ultimate result is for humanity and pretty much all other species.

[UPDATE by mt]: Please note, the above has caveats. See the link.


  1. "pretty much all other species"

    I, personally, do not believe in an afterlife. However, I am at a loss to understand people who do, who continue to drag their feet on climate change when 40%-70% of all the species extant on the earth could be exterminated. Do they not think that if they come before His throne, the Creator will ask them what has happened to all His other creations?

  2. Good. But that misses the point that it is the dominant issue. SO it would have to be two sentences. From where we sit now, there is no other climate policy goal remotely as important as getting to the last ton with as few intervening emissions as possible.

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