Urban Heating in Antarctica

No, seriously, Watts is actually suggesting that. BigCityLib has the scoop.

In a rambling discussion of the Antarctic Peninsula, one of the fastest warming spots on the planet, Anthony puts forward the following thesis:

Regarding that rapid warming of 2C in the last 50 years, just remember that most weather stations in the Antarctic are near humanity, and humanity requires warmth to survive.

They’re not even bothering to pretend to make sense anymore.


  1. Meanwhile, miles back on the curve, poor Cliff Mass is muttering about UHI affecting climate data enough to skew global temperature trends. He's mentioned this a few times on his blog, but now there's a threat to dig in.

    I seem to have worn out my welcome at Cliff's site. I did post a short list of references that might help him skip over the muddy troughs left by his predecessors but he seems to be increasingly swerving into the classic "don't confuse me with facts" position.

    Mass is a highly trusted "brand" here in the NW. He's always been an iconoclast and idiosyncratic, which is fine, but now he's beginning to sound less cranky and more Cranky. Some of us are really scratching our heads over this.

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