Stephan is Enjoying Himself

Stephan Lewandowsky seems to thoroughly enjoy having his article about conspiratorial thinking engender various conspiracy theories on its own.

First out of the gate was the accusation that I might not have contacted the 5 “skeptic” bloggers, none of whom posted links to my survey. Astute readers might wonder why I would mention this in the Method section, if I hadn’t contacted anyone.

In an exercise more reminiscent of juvenile hyperventilation than adult cognitive control, several individuals jumped to the conclusion that I must be guilty of academic misconduct because no skeptic blogger could recall having been contacted by me. And of course, those bloggers know more about my research, or that in any other scientific discipline, than myself or any of my scientific colleagues.

This theory, alas, is now in terminal decline.

Let’s move on quickly. There must be another gourd somewhere.

And thus, as sure as night follows day, the second theory was born, arising like Phoenix from the ashes of the first one. …

Read on at the link. This may shape up to be the most amusing and revealing blogstorm yet.

UPDATE: The original article is Slashdotted!


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