Chomsky on AGW

h/t Willard


  1. Noam Chomsky is saying pretty well what I have been thinking for some time now. It is difficult to find anything to criticise. Of course he is looking at it from a US perspective, but when he says global warming may mean the end of the species it is not just Americans that will be affected. What angers me is the US claims to be a democracy but I as a Briton my voice is not heard when my world is being destroyed.

    Not that we British are blameless. We voted in Maggie Thatcher who introduces all the ills of the American system to Britain. Our Labour Party then continued and extended those policies and our financial system crashed as well.

    We now have Tory right wing back benchers in the government just as vocal as any Tea Party member.

    War all doomed!

    Cheers, Alastair.

    PS. We have about as much power to stop this train as the CEOs Chomsky talks about 🙁

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