Geoengineering Without Treaties?

Mike Lemonick at Climate Central has a very interesting article about geoengineering prospects in a dysfunctional global legal environment.

One argument against geoengineering is that it does nothing to address the greenhouse-gas emissions that cause warming in the first place, and that the existence of such a backup plan would suck the energy out of efforts to control those emissions. Another is the law of unintended consequences, which dictates that the best-intentioned ideas can sometimes backfire.

The potential issues are so great, in fact, that scientists met in 2010 to discuss voluntary guidelines for geoengineering experiments, while policymakers have called on the U.N. to issue regulations.

The scientists haven’t gotten anywhere on their guidelines however, and with no international agreement on the horizon, geoengineering experts are divided on how to proceed.

Much more at the link.

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