Fox News 93 % Wrong on Climate

Readers probably have noticed this story, but we ought to take note of it in the stream.

The Union of Concerned Scientists has released a white paper concluding that 93 % of the climate-related news stories on Fox News and 81 % on the Wall Street Journal have been misleading. Some of these are surely judgment calls at the margin, but this is not out of line with my experience.


 “The green energy stuff—I mean, that’s—that’s all a hoax and a fraud based on another hoax and fraud, global warming.”

“What a contrast [the physics research institution CERN] is to the pseudoscience promoted by the consensus-driven global-warming crowd”

“It’s been warmer and warmer before there were SUVs”

In defense of the established order, I would like to add that the coverage in The Economist has been solid and reliable. But it’s not a Murdoch outlet, is it?


  1. The really sad thing is, if you were to confront FoxNews viewers with these findings they will likely dismiss them based on two reasons:

    a) The findings come from the Communist UCS
    b) UCS based their "correct" answsers on the Discredited(TM) IPCC

    See all those "C"s in the abbreviations? Communists, each and every one of them, out to destroy America(TM).

    They have managed to poison both the well and the messengers.

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