The Opposite of Progress

“The greenhouse effect” was raised in the national vice-presidential debate in 1988. It is interesting to consider the response of the Republican candidate.

While I was waiting for the ,” You’re no Jack Kennedy line,” there was an actual question about……ready….”The Greenhouse effect”

I guess that’s what they called it back then, before Global Warming and Climate Change became popular….One of the moderators ( there was a panel back then) asked Dan Quayle, ” What do you propose to do about the “GreenHouse Effect”. There was no, do you think it is real, or anything like that. I mean the question was asked in a matter of fact way as if it was accepted fact. EVen more to my surprise, Quayle answered that a Bush/Quayle administratin would work hard to combat the problem. I couldn’t beleive my ears!!

As the linked article concludes, “Every once in a while you have to look back just to see how far you haven’t come.”

How did this happen? Would it have happened without the efforts of Frank Luntz and Rupert Murdoch? Would the mainstream press have rolled over and let it happen in the past?

Have there been comparable retreats outside the English-speaking world? Will there be?


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