A Burst of News

It’s been a quiet period, but suddenly there is a pile of climate-related news.

1) The four debates have passed with nary a mention of climate change. Morano is in a celebratory mood. Wonk Room notices three other burning issues that don’t penetrate the consciousness of the American voter either.

2) The juvenile Cato prank is getting a lot of pushback which will probably keep the press from biting, (interesting that the best analogy for the press is a fish) but will that affect the Republican delegations and their staffs?

3) Mike Mann is suing the National Review for an especially vile hit piece on him.

4) Tropical Storm Sandy has a chance of making US landfall as a major hurricane shortly.

5) Disaster experts in Italy are resigning over the grotesque conviction of earthquake experts. “With the verdict, “we understood why the Great Risks Commission has that name,” a front-page commentary began in Corriere della Sera, a Milan daily. “The great risks are those to its members, as one deduces from the verdict.” Is this more of a risk for real scientists or for the confusionist squad?

6) Of course there’s the still unexplained iron fertilization episode off BC which fascinates us.

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