There are some scary scenarios for New York City.


  1. "Yes, I think there is a strong climate change connection."

    Obviously not in the same league, but in Europe, this ocean heat anomaly graph caught my eye (at Neven's).

    The waters in the Kara and Barentsz Seas are anomalously warm, and the reason they're warm is because of the retreat at breakneck speed of sea ice this melting season, adding several weeks of solar energy to be absorbed by the dark waters. These waters are now too warm to freeze over and so release heat and moisture to the atmosphere, continuously feeding the cyclone that is pushing the cold out into Europe and Western Russia.

    There's a whole lot of new push/pulling going on. No-one in the UK feels like we had a summer, and now it's winter again. I wonder what kind of winter it's going to be? ('Interesting...')

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