Genuine Political Ad

Although it is a paid ad in a local race, we are running this ad gratis because of its implications for our global audience. We do not necessarily endorse the position outlined therein.

You’re welcome.

(Via Jess Zimmerman at Grist)


  1. I had to go and look at Grist to make any sense of this - I genuinely didn't have a clue who it was endorsing. Was this obvious to the American audiences all the way through? Maybe I'm not attuned to the dripping contempt in the accent.

  2. I think the chirping rise in the narrator's voice should give it away when he's talking about all the wonderful home-building Kristi Noem is doing. It's a great ad in so many ways. I love the valorising of home-grown no-nonsense common-sense vs travelling the world and getting an education. Presumably the people who made and promoted the video are good ol' South Dakota folk too?

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