Curry’s Blog MIA

Judith Curry’s blog has gone missing. Speculation is that there was a takedown request sent to WordPress. If so, this is deeply unfortunate. Censorship is no way to deal with unjustified opinions.

Please note that this is tricky business. If the person requesting the takedown is tentatively identified, people should refrain from taking that at face value unless that person admits to doing so. It is not impossible to imagine that this could be used as a smear tactic against the supposed complaining person.

In any case it shows that controversial websites need to be self-hosting and keep backups.


  1. Judy has let some pretty nasty remarks stand, some of which seem to me to have crossed the line on libel. It's odd that you have sympathy for the (presumed, we're still guessing here) consequences of a such a failure on her part given that such remarks are not allowed to stand on this blog.

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