NSF Funded Project Seeks Climate and Energy Scientists’ Help in Outreach Project

Via email, this worthy request:

Dear colleague,

Climate or Energy Scientist?  Please provide your expertise by reviewing short educational resources like videos, visualizations, lesson plans (review time about 15-40 min) for scientific accuracy.  The need for climate change educational materials that are scientifically and pedagogically rigorous is greater than ever before.  We are seeking science reviewers with an expertise in climate science, climate change and energy topics and are hoping to draw from the wide range of expertise within the climate literacy community.

The NSF-funded Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN) (http://cleanet.org <http://cleanet.org/>) is stewarding a collection of digital educational resources for grades 6-16 that address climate and energy topics.  Resources are put through our rigorous peer-review process. All resources have already passed two rounds of general review and a review panel made up of educators and scientists before we send them out for an expert science review.  Because of the broad scientific scope of climate and energy related educational resources, we need this additional Expert Science Review for resources that passed the review panel ­ that is where you can help.  Please provide your expertise to assure that the resources we are making available to educators and students are scientifically accurate.

How can you get involved?  … provide us with your contact information here: http://cleanet.org/clean/community/reviewer.html

If only we could have a similar service for adults!

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