Celebrity Sighting at AGU – Steve McIntyre

A friend sends in this picture of McIntyre scowling at my (mt’s) talk.

That’s McIntyre second from the right behind John Mashey (updated). I believe he didn’t care for what I was saying.


  1. McIntyre would be the one in the middle (in the rear). I can't actually make a positive id given the fuzziness, but the guy to the right can't be him since too much hair and chub. The Zaphod joke still works though!

  2. The bearded guy to the far right wasn't McIntyre -- he's the one with the blue tag.

    BTW he was hammering some notes on his laptop during mt's (and Mann's) talk. Given his silence so far, it would be interesting to see what he posts over at CA once the AGU FM ends tomorrow.

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