Comedic Value


  1. Looking for a place to put some disturbing material, and this appears to be it.

    To start with, this is weird and typical of our idea that we can engineer our way out of hell and high water:

    Good map showing proposed route to divert water from Missouri to Colorado River.

    Then there's the sewage system breakdown and continuing dead zone in lower Manhattan and all around.

    The dieoff of trees, absence of insects, and drastic reduction of what makes our planet live.
    And of course our idea that shopping will cure us all, or that even if we hate the whole thing, it's obligatory as a member of society to lose our minds in stores and hock ourselves in the spirit of Christmas.

    In my forays into the world of Christianity, I've never seen anything Christ taught about shopping. Some of my fellow nonbelievers will explode but I suggest they notice that a whole lot of what is claimed to be religious these days is anything but, and there's nothing wrong with a good clean honest faith, as long as it's more about opening and caring than closing and hating.

    Meanwhile, speaking of compassion, I see that 400,000 are homeless from typhoon Bopha.

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