Robots Will Steal Your Job, and That’s OK


  1. What I mean by this is not that I want a revolution, but that in principle the way resources are allocated is conditional and the defense of the present system is utilitarian.

    That is what the speaker is talking about after all. If the "owner" of the job takes it back, what is the worker to do in the absence of new jobs? Starve? This seems a very odd way to allocate the enhanced productivity, unless you believe that the social arrangements of the past couple of centuries are some sort of immutable aspect of the human condition. I understand that markets tend to emerge and tend to allocate resources in some sense efficiently. But the presumption of a labor shortage no longer holds. So the efficiency that markets produce no longer reward the diligent and competent as well, increasingly giving advantage to the lucky or the sly and conniving.

    Which indicates it's time to rethink. Exactly as the young speaker in the video tells us.

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