Gore on the Obsolescence of Work-Based Income

Al Gore has released a book about The Future. He identifies six huge trends that will dominate the foreseeable future.

It would be interesting to discuss whether he missed any or overstated any. It is worthy of note that he folded climate change into “a radical disruption of the relationship between human beings and the earth’s ecosystems”.

I for one am pleased that he also noted “A deeply flawed economic compass”, which without deep-seated alteration will likely drive us to ruin even if the climate issue is patched up somehow. The accompanying video also states that current trends “call into question” the deep coupling of work and economics. This is the crux of the problem.

Regular readers will know that I think something like social credit is the only workable answer. I wonder if Mr. Gore, witgh his politician’s instincts, has the nerve to suggest it. If so, it won’t make him any more popular in the circles where he is already considered subversive.


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