Watson: 2 C is behind us. Can we avoid 3? 5?

Alex Kirby reports some comments from Sir Robert Watson, former chair of IPCC, at Climate Central including:

All the promises in the world, which we’re not likely to realize anyway, will not give us a world with only a 2°C rise. All the evidence, in my opinion, suggests we’re on our way to a 3°C to 5°C world.

There are cost-effective and equitable solutions to address climate change, but political will and moral leadership is needed, and the changes in policies, practices and technologies required are substantial and not currently under way.

When I was chairing the IPCC we were all very optimistic that we’d have a global agreement to limit emissions, though we knew it would be difficult. But we were hopeful that emissions would not go up at the tremendous rate they are rising now.

We now know we can’t rule out a possible 5°C temperature rise, and we need to start preparing for it.


  1. yup. In Boston, they're suggesting we can adapt by moving out of flood zones, too (they're still putting up more highrises there at the moment. Developers, you see, are only interested in making a buck, and lenders only look at a decade or two.

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