Calls for Climate Summit

Via Climate Science Watch:

A unique bi-partisan coalition is urging President Obama to follow up his State of the Union commitment to address global climate disruption by hosting a solutions-focused national climate summit. The summit should be linked directly with concurrent action-planning meetings hosted by state and local governments, business, civic, and faith organizations nationwide. Climate Science Watch joins Governors, Mayors, business, farm, insurance, youth, faith, civil rights, climate justice, former military, and other leaders, as well as leading climate scientists in endorsing the proposal by the Climate Summit 2013 coalition.

The proposed summit and concurrent action-planning meetings should focus on:

a) The existing and likely future impacts of climate-disruption and its causes;

b) Proven solutions for preparing for and building resilience to climate impacts, and their many benefits;

c) Proven methods for reducing emissions, and their many benefits; and

d) Strategies for rapidly scaling-up the known solutions, obstacles that prevent action, and means for overcoming them.

These days it’s always a relief to see Republican participation in calls to address reality.

However, there are plenty of such meetings already, including one ARPA/DOE-funded one happening at this very moment. Wish I were there. Likely I am not “real” press and would have to buy a ticket I can’t afford.


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