New York Times Loses Interest Altogether

Media Matters reports:

The New York Times announced late Friday that it will discontinue its Green blog, less than two months after dismantling its environment desk. The paper insists that despite these changes it will “forge ahead with our aggressive reporting on environmental and energy topics,” but coverage of crucial environmental stories is likely to suffer.

Though I’m not a great fan of Andy Revkin’s work (I like him, as I do a lot of exasperatingly mainstream environmental journalists, as a person) I think his lament is on the money here:

The news side of The Times has nine sports blogs; nine spanning fashion, lifestyles, health, dining and the like; four business blogs; four technology blogs (five if you include automobiles as a technology); and a potpourri of other great efforts […] I would like to have thought there was space for the environment in that mix, even though these issues are still often seen by journalists weaned on politics as a sidenote.

From Media Matters again:

The Times’ decision comes as media attention to climate change has plummeted and public concern about the environment has hit “record lows.” In recent years, the Wall Street Journal and the Christian Science Monitor have also closed their green blogs.


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