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but it’s a start.

Prof R Myneni of Boston University writes:

There is now sufficient evidence that our way of living is causing unnatural changes in climate. Collectively, we own this damage and therefore we need to solve it together. It is YOUR CLIMATE CHANGE also. The scientists have been studying and reporting to the policy makers about the dangers of climate change for the past 25 years. Yet, there has been little meaningful action to solve this global problem affecting all life on Earth. The solution lies in convincing policy makers that this is a priority for all citizens of the World. Therefore, I started an online project to collect one billion signatures by Earth Day 2014 for a petition addressed to the Secretary-General of the United Nations to act judiciously and expeditiously on anthropogenic climate change.

You can sign a very simple petition, can’t you?

Dear Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon,
We, the People of the Earth, request You to act judiciously and expeditiously to protect the Earth from anthropogenic climate change.
People of the Earth
Start Date: March 1st;, 2013
End Date: April 22nd;, 2014 (Earth Day)

You can sign up here: https://yourclimatechange.org/ and then get ten more people to sign.

Clearly, the UN has no capacity to actually do anything about this. But it might be interesting to create a supporter base of this size.


  1. I like this effort, but it's pretty naive. No check for unique IP.

    It does check for a unique email address, but so far as I can see there's no verification that it's a valid email.

    And it's pretty hard to go viral with something like this. I wonder if we can help somehow.

  2. It read 7673 at 10:47 am EDT on the 22nd. There seems to be a three hour offset (that is, the comment times are in the Pacific time zone).

    I would tend to think that (given it's US origin) that it will be sensitive to measurement over day/night intervals, and thus that the first two points aren't sufficiently separate to represent a trend. But you don't have to sign it (the petition, that is) to get the count. So we can go back as often as we want.

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