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One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds. Much of the damage inflicted on land is quite invisible to laymen. An ecologist must either harden his shell and make believe that the consequences of science are none of his business, or he must be the doctor who sees the marks of death in a community that believes itself well and does not want to be told otherwise.

Aldo Leopold (h/t and thanks for the reminder to Mal Adapted)



  1. There's a whole lot of the less sinister form of denial going on.

    Call it ignorism rather than denialism.

    I will have to tell the story of my two months as a rancher some time soon.

    My erstwhile bosses claimed to have an environmental mission. They did not even know that they were lying. "A community that believes itself well and does not want to be told otherwise" still applies to most people.

  2. I've been reading Callum Robert's "The Unnatural History of the Sea", and I think it's put me off eating seafood.

    How humans are going to achieve any kind of true sustainability on Earth is a humongous open question.

    I wish Gene Rodenberry had been explicit about how economics and ecology worked in Star Trek, because that seems to be at least as magical as any transporter, food replicator, or warp drive.

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