Ontario Abolishes Coal

Juan Cole:

All coal plants in the world need to be closed within a decade in order for us to avoid a potentially destabilized climate and enormous upheavals. I have blogged this issue several times and am struck by the almost complete lack of interest in the issue and the lack of urgency the public feels. I don’t understand it. It is not that there are no alternatives. Wind and solar are at or near grid parity with coal in most of the world, and even if they weren’t, the extra costs are minor compared to the cost of spilling dirty carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and cooking us all to death.

Ontario will be the first major industrial region in North America to get none of its electricity from coal. Its last two big coal plants are scheduled to be closed within a year.

Green Energy Future argues that the province’s feed-in tariff law has been key to the turn to alternative energy.


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