Synchronicity: Three Posts on Marcott et al

John Timmer at Ars Technica

Dana Nuccitelli at SkepticalScience

anonymous at Climate Nexus


  1. Tamino's latest post, addresses some issues about the possibility of an unnoticed spike in the historial bit, which is one of the contrarians' most beloved points:

    Because of being such a target at DotEarth, I read through, as much as I could understand, the original paper including the abstract, the press release, and the FAQ and relistened to Revkin's interview with Shakun, along with the entire comment stream at RealClimate (up to a few days ago). I don't see how the scientists could have done much different. As time has gone on, I've simplified my own version of the problem thusly:

    ... the attempt to suppress information is and has been coming, hot and heavy, from those who claim skepticism but practice it not. (Skepticism involves an open mind, and the premise that most of science is bunk is closeder than closed.) The vast majority of scientists continue to try to elucidate and expand our information. (Marcott et al. is a recent example: their addition to the temperature record has been attacked ***simply because it is about temperature. The discontinuity of records has been singled out without mentioning that the scientists were quite clear about that discontinuity. The effort to discredit the report tries to separate present temperatures from the more elusive past temperatures by focusing on the necessary difference in methodology.***)

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